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They thrive with someone when someone helps them clarify their emotions, so that they can let go of their problems and wake up in the morning with a fresh start and new perspective.

Cancer - Libra Love Horoscope & Compatibility

We can learn so much about ourselves when dating a Cancer because they create a safe space for you to let out your fears and insecurities, and explore your emotional depths with you in a way that can be challenging for other, more cerebral signs that get stuck in their own heads. But the flip side to this is that Cancers will also expect you to be percent emotionally present for their every whim, mood, and rant.

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You may experience the temptation to say: Sweetheart, please chill and let it go. These water signs can easily overwhelm others in early stages of dating with their emotional intensity.


Cancers are ruled by the Moon, which is the fastest moving celestial body. The key to being there for your Cancer partner is to remind them that all feelings have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Emotions arrive, stir within us, and can sometimes quickly shift like moon phases. On Friday, September 6 , romance planet Venus which is currently in Virgo trines Pluto, which is currently in efficient Capricorn, bringing logical solutions to light.

Cancer Compatibility - Astrology Companion

Let go of self-doubt and trust yourself. As an imaginative water sign, you're often full of grand ideas. However, too often you reject the road to satisfaction out of fear that it will disrupt your sense of security. Don't forget that you're allowed to life live outside of the box or, the shell once in a while.

Cancer Compatibility

You're brimming with creativity on Tuesday, September 10 when the sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in dreamy Pisces. Push through the feelings of imposter syndrome and let yourself expand both professionally and personally. If you want to paint, invent an app, or even enter a relationship that doesn't look like what your family would approve of, use the full moon in fellow water sign Pisces on Friday, September Express yourself through art or sex to remind yourself of your talents and boost that self-esteem.

It's important that you take time to do the things you love, because when both Mars and Venus enter Libra the sign of balance and partnerships on Friday, September 14 , emotional labor will be on your mind. You're naturally encouraged to protect those you love, dear crab, but who is taking care of you?

If you want to solve previously broken relationships, this time is going to be appropriate for you, as is predicted in your Cancer love life in Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India.

Cancer Love And Relationship Horoscope Get Free. Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.

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