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No shade to anyone who merely skims their horoscope every morning on the way to work, but we are here for some serious astrological studies. Every aspect of our cosmos is present and accounted for in astrology, from the sun to the moon to the stars to the planets. We all have a unique natal chart that tells us precisely where in the sky each planet and constellation was at the moment we were born. For example, while Mars traditionally rules Aries, this fiery planet may have been in Capricorn when you were born.

This means that you personally filter all those classic Martian characteristics through a Capricornian lens. One more cool thing to keep in mind. The inner planets — sun, moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus — move quickly through the zodiac, which means they affect us on a more personal, intimate level. Governs: Ego and sense of self. Governs: Emotion and feeling. If your sun sign represents your outward personality, your moon sign focuses inward, revealing your emotional core.

It determines how you process your feelings and moods, and understanding how your sun and moon signs interact reveals a much fuller astrological self-portrait. The planet Jupiter represents our sense of optimism, of hope and growth. It shows us how a person finds happiness and purpose, as well as where in life they might be most lucky. Saturn is the planet of restriction - of reality - where we begin to see our limitations.

Uranus is the planet of sudden inspiration and change, of eccentricity and openness. The planet Neptune represents the more mystical side of our nature - our dreams, our intuition and imagination. The planet pluto symbolizes power and transcendence. It shows us how a person deals with power, as well as our ability to deal with rebirth - and the concept of death and rebirth. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice.

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Birth Charts 101: An Astrology Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Planets

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About the Sun, Moon and Pluto as Planets You may find it strange that the sun and moon are listed as planets in the following list. Download Printable Zodiac Cheat Sheets A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers. Sign up to our mailing list download.

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Ruling Planets of the Zodiac Signs

Mercury will also distribute various responsibilities to other planets. Hence, moon is Exalted in this birth chart and will give good results marked in Green. Hence, Sun is Exalted in this birth chart and will give good results marked in Green. Hence, Mercury is Debilitated in this birth chart and will give poor results.

But wait, who is the supreme commander in this chart? Mercury, right. Because mercury is the owner of the Ascendant — Virgo.

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However, that same mercury is debilitated in Pisces. The other planets in this chart are not sitting in the house of enemies and hence are Neutral in nature. The position of each planet is counted from the Ascendant, so Ketu is present in the second house, Saturn in the third house, Mars in the fourth house, Jupiter in the sixth house, a debilitated mercury in the seventh house, an Exalted Sun in the Eight house and Neutral Venus and Rahu accompanying the Sun, an Exalted Moon in the 9th house.

Since the subject is Virgo ascendant whose Lord is Mercury which in turn is sitting Debilitated in Pisces, the person will not be very healthy.

He will be lean, thin, will have a round face, beady eyes and long shoulders. He will be business minded since Mercury, his lagna lord is sitting in the seventh house the house of business. Mercury also signifies Mathematics, so this person will be inclined towards numbers. Mercury also means Music, so he will have great interests in Music but since Mercury is not powerful, he will not be able to carry forward his interests in Mathematics or Music for long.

However, Mercury sitting in the 7th house, although debilitated means he will be successful in business, although not to an extreme extent. Ketu is sitting in the second house which is a negative planet. This means the subject will be rude, harsh and speak ill of people very often. He will spend unnecessarily and will not be able to hold on to wealth for long. Saturn is sitting in the third house in a neutral position and is aspected by Moon from its 7th house, so there is no need to worry here. Things are good. Third house also indicates courage, hard work, bravery and effort and the presence of Saturn indicates that the subject has to work very hard and will see success in the later stages of life through stupendous self effort.

Here Mars is sitting in a Neutral position but please note that Mars is sitting in the house of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, the enemy of Mars.

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Mars, although not debilitated but sitting in the house of an enemy will show diverting results. He will inherit luxuries in life like land, house, cars but these luxuries will give him lot of mental unhappiness. He will also have problems achieving middle education Graduate degree and the results will not be acording to expectations.

He will suffer from mental anxiety every other time. No planet is sitting in the 5th house which means, none of the ministers in the court room controls that department. The fifth house is — Capricorn, whose Ruler is Saturn, who in turn is sitting in the third house in a neutral position. This signifies that the subject will not be very successful with financial investments or love affairs since the ruler of this house Saturn is not very powerful. The 5th house is also not aspected by any other planet so no other form of influence is observed.

Jupiter is sitting in the sixth house, the sign of Aquarius, whose ruler is Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn are enemies. This means, the subject will have many hidden enemies, will suffer from debt and hidden diseases, will have knowledge of rare subjects and will keep the company of very subjective people.

Those Wild Out-of-Bounds Planets

Mercury, the chief minister is sitting in this house but is debilitated. This person will be successful in small businesses and will be business minded. He will visit foreign countries multiple times and will enjoy a high libido.

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But the presence of Rahu indicates that this person may suffer from chronic diseases every now and then but will recover and live. The presence of Sun and Venus indicates that this person will become very poor at some point in life the King and the mistress are living together. But he will recover since the King is powerful in Aries. He will also get a government job but will quit it since the Rahu will not let Sun enjoy his power for long.